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The Right Spice

16 Feb

I think I found that right “spice” for my fingertips. Essie’s Chinchilly is the right blend for a timeless manicure that doesn’t really need anything else added.

Perfect People Don’t Exist

15 Feb

We don’t compromise standards. But, we can be flexible with preferences. There is no perfect person or mate. Don’t let this skeleton catch you waiting for the perfect person. Live. Laugh. Love!

A Love So Sweet

14 Feb

We all deserve a love so sweet. How it FEELS is more important than how it LOOKS. Keep it true. Happy Valentine’s Day, EVERY DAY!

Happy Valentine’s Day Nails to all you Sweethearts!

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day Nails to all you Sweethearts!


Random Drop: Improvise Life

13 Feb

Here’s a random drop of using resources down to the last drop!

We had a couple of kids over and realized we didn’t have a bat or ball. What did we do? We made a ball and grabbed a paint stick. Now, we have a baseball and a bat. In life, we have to improvise. Maximize resources. Live. Laugh. Love!

Make Your Own Fun: Life Improvised!

Let Love Blossom

13 Feb

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air. But, shouldn’t it always be this way? I challenge us all to share love in every possible way, with all we encounter. Let’s Let Love Blossom!


Revlon “Minted”, Revlon “Hot For Chocolate”, Revlon “Orchid” and Santee “White”. Hand Drawn nail art.

Purple Passion

12 Feb

Valentine’s Day Nails. Love is in the air. Give it, receive it and share it. We all need love.

My Manigredients:

Revlon “No Shrinking Violet”, Essie “Main Squeeze” and Bundlemonster plate #17 ¬†and Konad Plate #M59

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