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Vote for Pink of the Week

23 May

Please help me pick my “pink of the week” by voting on my Facebook page at


Craving Mint ‘n’ Chip Ice Cream

21 May

I’m craving Mint ‘n’ Chip Ice Cream. I wonder why?!


Henna Inspired Manicure

19 May

Henna inspired manicure!


Why Not?

18 May

I saw a necklace I really liked on Pinterest but couldn’t find it in stores. What did I do? I made something similar myself. I mean…why not?


Bite the Bullet

18 May

Bite the Bullet by Wet n Wild with a few hand painted gradient polka dots. Sometimes, even when you don’t want to…you really may need to just “bite the bullet”.


Four of my favorite manicures

17 May

A buddy on Instagram “tagged” me in her post. I had to pick 4 of my favorite manicures. It’s so hard to chose but here’s what I came up with.

What are some of your favorite manicures from my blog?!


Kiss Me On My Tulips

17 May

Nothing says summer like the beach and bright pretty nail polish in a stunning shade of pink. I’m such a girl and Kiss me on My Tulips by OPI is the perfect “smooch” for your fingers. Go on…get kissed.


Lady bug

15 May

Lady bugs are rumored to bring good luck. So here’s a lady bug!


Mercury Twilight

14 May

I finally purchased my first holographic polish. It’s called Mercury Twilight made by Layla. It’s sold at Ulta.



11 May

A little “Goth” for the fingers from Orly. You can wear this alone or create galaxy nails and more!


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