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29 Jun

Magnets!!! This trend is one I’ve been watching from afar. The initial price caused me to be reluctant to give this look a try. The prices have declined so I’ve admittedly taken a closer look but still didn’t purchase.

But, it was obviously magnetic fate! A gift from the lovely Cheryl landed a beautiful bottle of Sally Hansen magnet polish in my happy little hands.

In addition to enjoying the final outcome…I had a BLAST with the application. It’s a breeze to apply. I’m already thinking of other colors and designs.

Sally Hansen “Silver Elements”


Date Night!

27 Jun

Decisions…decisions. That’s how my Saturday blog post began. After browsing through my nail polish collection I chose “date nails” inspired by my nail blogger buddy Bridget.

We had an awesome triple date in Beverly Hills. I can’t wait for the next time.

Santee: Modern Purple
Essie: A Cut Above (accent nail)


Tickled Pink-The Remix

27 Jun

A manicure remix in 3 simple steps! My manicure suffered a few (non-life threatening) injuries following an evening doing yard work.

This remix was simple and allowed me to enjoy being “tickled pink” just a little while longer!


Tickled Pink

26 Jun

“Tickled Pink” is actually somewhat of a description of how I’m currently feeling. Not only am I excited about the cuteness of this nail polish color…I’m happy about the joy that I’m currently surrounded by. You know that tingly feeling you get when things finally seem to be going your way? Yes, that one! So I’m wearing AND feeling “Tickled Pink”. 🙂

What are YOU wearing and how are you feeling?

Tickled pink is made by wetNwild Cosmetics.


Time to Tee Off

26 Jun

It’s finally time for me to tee off! My Mr. has been asking me to learn to play golf so we can play together. He made this his official Father’s Day request so now I’m practicing my swing.

First stop: golf lessons!


Makeup Monday

25 Jun

It’s Makeup Monday at! Here’s a simple summer look that makes me think of the sunset. I’m no makeup expert but I do have fun playing in it! 🙂



23 Jun

Hot date tonight. Decisions…decisions. There is so much polish and so few nails.


Zoya Beach & Surf Collection

22 Jun

I LOVE being a People StyleWatch “Style Hunter”. I can’t wait to try my first Zoya polish. The Zoya Beach & Surf Collection looks awesome. What are your favorite Zoya shades?

Island Coral Remix-night time!

21 Jun

So it’s the Island Coral remix, part 2: Nighttime. I have no choice but to call these SEXY nails because it’s spelled out clearly on my thumb.

The question is: which finger are you? Anyone underage is defaulted to the middle finger. You’re an angel!



Island Coral Remix-daytime

21 Jun

It’s a little manicure remix for my Island Coral blog post from earlier this week. These polka dots add a little playfulness to my summer manicure.


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