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Tiger Blossom

26 Jul

Tiger Blossom gel manicure using Gelish brand.



Where to find me

24 Jul

My fingers tell the story! #Like #Follow #Pin #Subscribe #tweet #share #repost


Nautical Nails

18 Jul

Nautical nails lead me to thoughts of the marina, outdoors and the beach life. It’s summer time in California!

If you threw a message in a bottle, what would it say?



His & Her Paint

17 Jul

Saturday I was involved in a friendly “marital kidnapping”. We were supposed to be running to the store. It was a quick trip so work out clothes and flip flops is acceptable attire, right? No lipgloss was worn, just Oakley shades and chapstick. After the agreed upon “quick trip” the car went left instead of right. I squinted and raised an eyebrow. HOW did we end up at a local car show, for hours? Fortunately, I love cars & spending time with my Mr.

So, the his & her paint is always a car show topic. He describes the candy paint and the color schematics…and I describe what shade that translates to in Nail Polish Land, the country I’m from (yes, I’m laughing). Here’s a 1965 Buick Riviera. A beautiful old school classic car in a paint called “Butter Cream”. THIS IS HIS PAINT. I smiled and pointed out that this is also a dupe for OPI’s “Skull & Glossbones. THIS IS HER PAINT.

This my friends is true love! Polish on everyone. Polish on.


Friday Fingers

13 Jul

My Friday Fingers are snapping to my own internal beat as I do the Friday dance. Happy Friday everyone.




12 Jul

That’s right! You heard me. I said FREAKINPINK. I shouted because this is my first nail contest. I’ve been a bit shy up until now.

I used my gifted Zoya nail polish in “Shelby”. I added a hand drawn cupcake complete with sprinkles, whipped cream AND a bit of bling (not bing) cherry.
The contest is being hosted by fellow blogger “Hotpinkbandit”. Wish me luck.


Fetish for Gelish

11 Jul

I have a fetish for Gelish! My gel manicures are so shiny it’s hard not to keep staring at them! Let’s see how long this one holds up!

This is day 2 1/2!




10 Jul

It’s my new Zoya nail polish called “Kimber” from their Surf Collection. This interesting shade dances on the edge of pink and red with hints of gold flecks. It’s eye catching in the sun too. It seemed only right that I hit the beach with this color. I didn’t actually “surf” but I showed my fingertips a good time.

I used a holographic top coat to intensify the sparkle. I’m excited to try the rest of my new babies from both the Beach and Surf Collection. I love receiving gifts and thus far, this doesn’t




Makeup Monday

9 Jul

Makeup Monday is already here! This week’s look is from the weekend. It was a girl’s day at the beach. The weather was PERFECT.

Why not have a little fun with shades of pinks and greens? What colors are you having fun with?


More Zoya coming!

8 Jul

More Zoya coming soon!

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