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My 1st Giveaway!

29 Aug

I’m having my 1st Giveaway to thank you for your support! There are a variety of ways to enter. There are more giveaways coming VERY soon. This is my 1st one so I want to grasp the hang of it.

Thanks for entering and good luck to all!



Nude but not Naked

28 Aug

I started blogging in January of this year. It marked the beginning of some of my wild and crazy nail art designs. I’ve been rather conservative in the past. So THIS is a new “nail chapter”.

I decided to go retro and have naked nails to start the work week. It’s rare to catch me without ail polish on. After a little fresh air for my nails, I transitioned from naked natural nails to nude nails. This soft and sheer color is feminine and chic and ultra conservative. This basic color won’t last long but I’m enjoying it!
“Nude” made by Santee




This Manicure is for the Birds

27 Aug

I felt in sync with nature this weekend. The birds everywhere…I even wore a peacock manicure!



Wedding Nails

26 Aug

It’s a celebration! We are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this weekend. Of course we went down memory lane and enjoyed the pictures taken by or AMAZING photographer Miguel Pola. There are so many details to enjoy that sometimes it’s like looking at the photo for the first time.

My wedding was one of the RARE occasions that someone else actually did my nails. I was exhausted and thus slept through the manicure and pedicure. I remember his name is Lee and he was close to the LAX airport. Unfortunately, I can’t recall the name of the shop. He did a wonderful job and this was the longest time a french manicure lasted on my natural nails (other than gel).

So here are my wedding nails! 🙂


Paris Esthetics for a Facial

25 Aug

NOW is the perfect time to take care of our skin. Paris Esthetics is working hard to keep us looking and feeling our best. When you add service, skill and passion it’s easy to expect satisfaction.
You won’t be disappointed.

If you, or someone you know is in Northern California, be sure to schedule an appointment. And since there are still a few days left in the month of August, you can enjoy their referral special. Refer a friend and receive a free facial. Paris Esthetics will give you the fine print on this August special.

Paris Esthetics

  • 9717 Elk Grove Florin Rd Suite #E
  • Elk Grove, California 95624



Looking Forward

24 Aug

Happy Friday! I’m looking forward to the weekend. Follow me on Instagram for a closer look.


Unicorns: A throwback Thursday blast from the past

23 Aug

Unicorns represent a nostalgic memory of my childhood. I was a self acclaimed “Sticker Collector”. My favorite stickers were shiny, had glitter and included a UNICORN. My beloved stickers were enshrined inside of a binder complete with protective plastic and a handwritten inventory sheet. When scratch and sniff stickers came out I liked the unicorns that smelled like roses.

I attempted to bring a little of my past into the present with this unicorn manicure. I’ll need a little more practice but it was certainly fun remember my past love of stickers and unicorns. I still love glittery and shiny things so some things probaly will never change!

Anyone else love unicorns in the past or present?

Gradient manicure with Zoya nail polish, Shany nail stamp and Rhinestones and Glitter from Amazing Shine Nail Art Kit.




Channel Orange

22 Aug

What am I listening to? Frank Ocean! His new album, Channel Orange is truly MUSIC to my ears. Urban ears actually. These headphones were made for good music.

Have you heard this artist and album? If so, what’s your favorite song or verse?





21 Aug

Here are a few flowers for anyone that may need them!


Skid Marks

20 Aug

Here’s a little nail tip: avoid unsightly nail polish skid marks by using top coat on the entire nail, edges included!

Sally Hansen: Vigorous Violet


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