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Facebook Love

13 Aug

Today is a great day for some Facebook love! Please take a moment to visit my Facebook page: Last2drops
Like, Share and comment. I love interacting with all of you.

My nails tell you where to find me: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Like. Follow. Pin. Share. Tweet. Retweet. Subscribe.


Where to find me

24 Jul

My fingers tell the story! #Like #Follow #Pin #Subscribe #tweet #share #repost


Nautical Nails

18 Jul

Nautical nails lead me to thoughts of the marina, outdoors and the beach life. It’s summer time in California!

If you threw a message in a bottle, what would it say?



Friday Fingers

13 Jul

My Friday Fingers are snapping to my own internal beat as I do the Friday dance. Happy Friday everyone.




12 Jul

That’s right! You heard me. I said FREAKINPINK. I shouted because this is my first nail contest. I’ve been a bit shy up until now.

I used my gifted Zoya¬†nail polish in “Shelby”. I added a hand drawn cupcake complete with sprinkles, whipped cream AND a bit of bling¬†(not bing) cherry.
The contest is being hosted by fellow blogger “Hotpinkbandit”. Wish me luck.


Moon Candy “Orbit”

6 Jul

Here’s one more Revlon manicure using Moon Candy nail art earlier in the week. Both of these Revlon shades are beautiful with a smooth formula. They can easily be worn alone. But, I added a third color using Milani “orchid”

Another thumbs up for Revlon!


“Cosmic” cameo

5 Jul

Revlon Moon candy gets a thumbs up. It’s a perfect on the go tool with colors that can be worn alone or combined. I combined the two-in-one nail polish duo with a third color to create a gradient camouflage.

Revlon Moon Candy nail art in “Cosmic” with Sinful Colors “Unicorn”.


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