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A Little Arm Candy

17 Jun

Here’s a little arm candy to go with my polish. Accessories!!!


Road Trip

11 Jun

Sometimes you have to take the show on the road. This weekend was for the ladies. What’s not to love for a “girls weekend getaway” in Las Vegas? Of course I spent today trying to catch up on SLEEP.

Time to unpack and put away the mini flask and party heels…until next time!


Why Not?

18 May

I saw a necklace I really liked on Pinterest but couldn’t find it in stores. What did I do? I made something similar myself. I mean…why not?



Random Drop: Improvise Life

13 Feb

Here’s a random drop of using resources down to the last drop!

We had a couple of kids over and realized we didn’t have a bat or ball. What did we do? We made a ball and grabbed a paint stick. Now, we have a baseball and a bat. In life, we have to improvise. Maximize resources. Live. Laugh. Love!

Make Your Own Fun: Life Improvised!

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