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Black Matte Nails

20 Sep

Black Matte Nails….I’m in the mood for fall today and these nails make me want to throw on a sweater and some boots!
Are you ready?

Santee “Black” polish with Essie’s “Matte About You” top coat.

Craving Mint ‘n’ Chip Ice Cream

21 May

I’m craving Mint ‘n’ Chip Ice Cream. I wonder why?!


Cookies & Cream minus the Calories

17 Apr

Congratulations to me! “Black Polka Dots” is my first Nubar nail polishAs I suspected, I was certainly in for a treat. My cookies & cream manicure was pretty delicious and boasted zero calories , completely fat-free. Who can resist that?

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Custom Car Boys Call this “Murdered Out”

20 Feb

According to my Mr., the custom car  boys Call this “Murdered Out”. This black on black combo with a matte finish is the girl’s (Mrs.) version of murdered out with a taste of bling.

Santee black polish with Essie’s Matte About You top coat (a must have). Car photo from

Additional pictures to follow. Photo from http://www.dirkap.com/


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