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Fetish for Gelish

11 Jul

I have a fetish for Gelish! My gel manicures are so shiny it’s hard not to keep staring at them! Let’s see how long this one holds up!

This is day 2 1/2!



Why Not?

18 May

I saw a necklace I really liked on Pinterest but couldn’t find it in stores. What did I do? I made something similar myself. I mean…why not?


Salted Roe with a Side of Glitter

12 Apr

Some may call it salted roe. Others like the upscale approach and call it caviar. You can garnish a special dish with this delicacy or serve it on a well chilled plate on top of lightly toasted bread or gourmet crackers. When you break it all down, you’re left with fish eggs….and I’ll have mine with a side of glitter, on my nails, please.

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On A Trip- The Remix

9 Apr

Have you ever taken a trip you enjoyed so much that you plan to take it again? Well, this Wet n Wild color called “On A Trip”. I took it once and then did the REMIX. I added a layer of “My Valentine” by Kleancolor. I love both colors. So would you take this trip?

Glass Pink

5 Apr

Think Pink. Glass Pink! …Click and keep reading

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Speak When Spoken To

30 Mar

HELLO!!!! “Speak When Spoken To” isn’t just a mantra from the past, it’s also the name of wet N wild’s Color Icon nail polish. The light bounces of this color and reflects grey, blue and purple hues. Not quite a holo polish but fun.fun.fun.


DIY Brown Sugar Body Scrub

20 Mar

Brown sugar body scrub is a cinch to make! It doesn’t just smell good either. Your skin is left feeling silky and radiant after using. I apply in a circular motion and pay special attention to knees and elbows.

There are many recipes available online. The ingredients here: brown sugar, epsom salt, jojoba oil, avocado oil and honey and most were purchased from Vitacost.

Take note!

5 Mar

Life has so much to teach us. Taking good notes so I can be the best I can be.


Kiss the Clutch!

29 Feb

Kiss the Clutch! These little goodies make being a girl so much fun. $5.99 is what I paid for these kisses at Ross.
Wet n Wild nail polish in green.




Brooch the Subject

27 Feb

There are plenty of occasions where “nude” is ok in the workplace. Brooch the subject is a nice, neutral color by Essie that you can wear anywhere!

It chipped very quickly. But, in all fairness, I was testing a new base coat so that could be the cause. I’ll try it again using my normal staples.





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