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Goodbye and Hello

18 Aug

It’s a joy to work with people you grow to know and love. I expressed a sad Goodbye to a coworker and wished her the best in future endeavors. The goodbye was made a little sweeter as I said Hello to an amazing treat from Dots Cupcakes. Delicious!!!

Goodbye and Hello!

My manicure just happened to coordinate with the pretty little box. I’m wearing Sonic Boom by Sally Hansen.


Friday Fingers

13 Jul

My Friday Fingers are snapping to my own internal beat as I do the Friday dance. Happy Friday everyone.



Island Coral Remix-daytime

21 Jun

It’s a little manicure remix for my Island Coral blog post from earlier this week. These polka dots add a little playfulness to my summer manicure.


Bite the Bullet

18 May

Bite the Bullet by Wet n Wild with a few hand painted gradient polka dots. Sometimes, even when you don’t want to…you really may need to just “bite the bullet”.


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