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Black Matte Nails

20 Sep

Black Matte Nails….I’m in the mood for fall today and these nails make me want to throw on a sweater and some boots!
Are you ready?

Santee “Black” polish with Essie’s “Matte About You” top coat.

Pleasing Purple!

24 Apr

This purple is pleasing to the eye!!! Milani cosmetics “Violet dash” with Essie


Brooch the Subject

27 Feb

There are plenty of occasions where “nude” is ok in the workplace. Brooch the subject is a nice, neutral color by Essie that you can wear anywhere!

It chipped very quickly. But, in all fairness, I was testing a new base coat so that could be the cause. I’ll try it again using my normal staples.





Custom Car Boys Call this “Murdered Out”

20 Feb

According to my Mr., the custom car ¬†boys Call this “Murdered Out”. This black on black combo with a matte finish is the girl’s (Mrs.) version of murdered out with a taste of bling.

Santee black polish with Essie’s Matte About You top coat (a must have). Car photo from

Additional pictures to follow. Photo from http://www.dirkap.com/


Who doesn’t love this kitty?

19 Feb

What kitty? HELLO KITTY! And who doesn’t love Hello Kitty? This kitty has fans of all ages. This is a playful and fun manicure that should put a quick smile on your face. It brings out the kid in me. What I used: 1. Essie-Fair game, Santee-Baby Pink, Santee-White, Essie-Pure Pearlflection -www.2thelastdrop.com

The Right Spice

16 Feb

I think I found that right “spice” for my fingertips. Essie’s Chinchilly is the right blend for a timeless manicure that doesn’t really need anything else added.


Perfect People Don’t Exist

15 Feb

We don’t compromise standards. But, we can be flexible with preferences. There is no perfect person or mate. Don’t let this skeleton catch you waiting for the perfect person. Live. Laugh. Love!

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