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Road Trip

11 Jun

Sometimes you have to take the show on the road. This weekend was for the ladies. What’s not to love for a “girls weekend getaway” in Las Vegas? Of course I spent today trying to catch up on SLEEP.

Time to unpack and put away the mini flask and party heels…until next time!


Working for a Better View

10 Apr

70’s on a beautiful California day sounds like a perfect reason to take a nice city hike. We headed to Runyon Canyon to grab some sunshine and a fitness fix.
Hiking for a better view on more than one level.


Random Drop: Improvise Life

13 Feb

Here’s a random drop of using resources down to the last drop!

We had a couple of kids over and realized we didn’t have a bat or ball. What did we do? We made a ball and grabbed a paint stick. Now, we have a baseball and a bat. In life, we have to improvise. Maximize resources. Live. Laugh. Love!

Make Your Own Fun: Life Improvised!

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