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2theLastdrop is Featuring: Foreber Robin Clothing

7 Sep

2theLastdrop is Featuring Foreber Robin Clothing. Their motto is simple, “Take every opportunity and run with it”. It’s a carpe diem fashion fusion. They inspire others to make the most of every POSITIVE opportunity and run with it….They’ve coined the phrase “Robin every opportunity” which is a metaphor and play on words using the surname ROBINSON, which is the last name of one of the two owners.

You can learn more about Foreber Robin by connecting with them online. The new Fall/Winter collection is scheduled for release soon. Until then, you can expect exclusive releases leading up to the Fall/Winter line. Stay tuned and watch for their upcoming giveaway to win a signature snapback hat or tee!

Connect with Foreber Robin:

Instagram: @ForeberRobin


Super bowl Nails: Girl & Glitter style

5 Feb

It’s almost game time! Are you ready for some football? I wish the season wasn’t coming to an end. I love this game ❤



Inspired by a Movie-Day 23-#RedTails, #nailpolish #2thelastdrop

23 Jan

Inspired by A Movie! And  It’s day 23 of the 31 Day Nail Challenge. If you haven’t noticed…I fell a little behind. But, I’m catching up now so let’s get right to it…

I chose the movie Red Tails. It’s based on a true story of the Tuskegee Airmen. The ArcLight Theaters have assigned seats so it was perfect for a double date. “COURAGE HAS NO COLOR”.  Please support the movie!

What I used:

OPI “Black Onyx and DIY 2thelastdrop water slide decals!

I welcome and appreciate your feedback. Please let me know what you think and remember to follow and retweet @2_thelastdrop on Twitter and “LIKE” my Facebook page !!! Spread the Word. THANKS 🙂

Thank you again!



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