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Hello Holo!

12 Sep

Holo, Holo and mo’ Holo! I love holographic nail polish. Initially I missed the “buffing step” and wasn’t sure how I felt about the application.

Now, I know what I’m doing! So, hello holo. It’s nice to really meet you.

I used Orly Decoded for the base. The holographic nail polish is Mermaid Spell by Layla Cosmetics. It’s available at Ulta.



11 May

A little “Goth” for the fingers from Orly. You can wear this alone or create galaxy nails and more!


Pop your “Blue Collar”

19 Apr

Orly has another hit on their hands with Blue Collar.

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It’s Your Canvas

16 Apr

Your nails= your canvas. Art and beauty are subjective so paint your own masterpiece.

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They Melt in Your Mouth

15 Apr

M&Ms. They melt in your mouth, not in your hands.

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“Mint” for Spring

11 Apr

Mint and pastel are perfect combos to usher in a little spring beauty. <

!–more–>I snagged this dainty color by Paris called “Pastel” for a mere $1. I stamped it in “ancient jade” by Orly using a stamping sheet “B” (brand name unknown). The accent nail color is in “Break the ice” by wet N wild. Finally, the accent nail has matching shells to finish the look. Are you ready for Spring?


Happy Easter Everyone!

8 Apr

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Here’s my simple holiday manicure complete with an Easter Egg. I’m wearing Orly in “Ancient Jade”. It’s a creamy color that really only needs a single coat.

Walking In Our Own Shoes

26 Feb

The older I get, the wiser I become. This correlation of age and wisdom varies by individual. One of the most pivotal lessons I’m continuing to learn…is we only walk in our own shoes. I don’t truly know your blues, your pains or your story. You, don’t truly know mine. So, who are we to judge anyone?! Celebrate life, love and your OWN SHOES! Walk in peace.

Back to MY shoes. These are my Fossil cuties that are both cute & comfy (a winning combination).

Orly Nails in Au Champagne

Protect The ball. Protect Your Heart.

8 Feb
Love & Basketball are like peanut butter and jelly. They just go together like John Wooden and UCLA.

#6 is worn by 2 of my favorite players. REGAL.

Cover of "Love & Basketball (Movie & Musi...

Cover via Amazon


Because Love is Enough

7 Feb

A pretty manicure and being surrounded by wonderful family and friends brings me joy. Even when I encounter a rough day, I keep pushing, because love is enough. It’s all we truly need.

My Manigredients:
-Orly “Au Champagne”
-Santee “Modern Purple”
-Essie “A Cut Above”
-China Glaze “Platinum Silver”


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