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Craving Mint ‘n’ Chip Ice Cream

21 May

I’m craving Mint ‘n’ Chip Ice Cream. I wonder why?!


Cookies & Cream minus the Calories

17 Apr

Congratulations to me! “Black Polka Dots” is my first Nubar nail polish.¬†As I suspected, I was certainly in for a treat. My cookies & cream manicure was pretty delicious and boasted zero calories , completely¬†fat-free. Who can resist that?

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Who doesn’t love this kitty?

19 Feb

What kitty? HELLO KITTY! And who doesn’t love Hello Kitty? This kitty has fans of all ages. This is a playful and fun manicure that should put a quick smile on your face. It brings out the kid in me. What I used: 1. Essie-Fair game, Santee-Baby Pink, Santee-White, Essie-Pure Pearlflection -www.2thelastdrop.com

31 Day Nail Challenge Day 12- Stripes

12 Jan

It’s time for stripes! I took the lazy route and painted OVER my polka dot nails. Yes, I truly use my polish down to the last DROP! I used the same base color from yesterday, “Uptempo Plum” by Sally Hansen. I didn’t go with my first stripes idea but it was too late to turn back once I got started. So, I pulled out the Konad M60 stamp once more and added a plaid stamp in white. It’s my “fun” version of a bar code. I added a “clearance” stripe (for my inner shopper) using a Kiss nail art pen in pink. The pens are quickly becoming a staple product in my nail collection. Just be SURE to use top coat over the pens. Finished with Northern Lights “Holographic” top coat.

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