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They Melt in Your Mouth

15 Apr

M&Ms. They melt in your mouth, not in your hands.

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Custom Car Boys Call this “Murdered Out”

20 Feb

According to my Mr., the custom car  boys Call this “Murdered Out”. This black on black combo with a matte finish is the girl’s (Mrs.) version of murdered out with a taste of bling.

Santee black polish with Essie’s Matte About You top coat (a must have). Car photo from

Additional pictures to follow. Photo from http://www.dirkap.com/


Who doesn’t love this kitty?

19 Feb

What kitty? HELLO KITTY! And who doesn’t love Hello Kitty? This kitty has fans of all ages. This is a playful and fun manicure that should put a quick smile on your face. It brings out the kid in me. What I used: 1. Essie-Fair game, Santee-Baby Pink, Santee-White, Essie-Pure Pearlflection -www.2thelastdrop.com

Perfect People Don’t Exist

15 Feb

We don’t compromise standards. But, we can be flexible with preferences. There is no perfect person or mate. Don’t let this skeleton catch you waiting for the perfect person. Live. Laugh. Love!

Simple Pleasures

10 Feb

Simple, organic fruit. Live and eat healthy. Your nails will love you.


Because Love is Enough

7 Feb

A pretty manicure and being surrounded by wonderful family and friends brings me joy. Even when I encounter a rough day, I keep pushing, because love is enough. It’s all we truly need.

My Manigredients:
-Orly “Au Champagne”
-Santee “Modern Purple”
-Essie “A Cut Above”
-China Glaze “Platinum Silver”


Super bowl Nails: Girl & Glitter style

5 Feb

It’s almost game time! Are you ready for some football? I wish the season wasn’t coming to an end. I love this game ❤



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