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Channel Orange

22 Aug

What am I listening to? Frank Ocean! His new album, Channel Orange is truly MUSIC to my ears. Urban ears actually. These headphones were made for good music.

Have you heard this artist and album? If so, what’s your favorite song or verse?




Island Coral Remix-daytime

21 Jun

It’s a little manicure remix for my Island Coral blog post from earlier this week. These polka dots add a little playfulness to my summer manicure.


An Obvious Mask

19 Jun

Metaphorically speaking, I prefer obvious masks. This way, although it’s a mask…we all know it’s a mask.

Be free: Live, Love, Laugh….and rock a mask on your face and even your nails for a little harmless fun.


My Zebra has the Blues

28 Feb

My zebra has the blues. Who says a zebra HAS to be black and white?

Manigredients: Wet N Wild “Rain Check”, Santee “Black” and bundlemonster plate #223



Who doesn’t love this kitty?

19 Feb

What kitty? HELLO KITTY! And who doesn’t love Hello Kitty? This kitty has fans of all ages. This is a playful and fun manicure that should put a quick smile on your face. It brings out the kid in me. What I used: 1. Essie-Fair game, Santee-Baby Pink, Santee-White, Essie-Pure Pearlflection -www.2thelastdrop.com

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