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Oh no! Is top coat required?!

12 Aug

The jury is still out on this verdict. Zoya has an array of beautiful colors. I tried Zuza from the Beach & Surf collection. Although it’s a very nice shade, the application isn’t one of my favorites. The texture was a little lumpy. It appeared as if top coat would be required to have the smooth salon finish that I like. I’ll try it again before deciding.

I love being a Stylehunter and trying great new products.




12 Jul

That’s right! You heard me. I said FREAKINPINK. I shouted because this is my first nail contest. I’ve been a bit shy up until now.

I used my gifted Zoya¬†nail polish in “Shelby”. I added a hand drawn cupcake complete with sprinkles, whipped cream AND a bit of bling¬†(not bing) cherry.
The contest is being hosted by fellow blogger “Hotpinkbandit”. Wish me luck.


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