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Yellow Whiz

30 Apr

I love sunshine!!! Sunshine in the sky, in my heart and on my fingers is just what I needed to make a gloomy day bright. The sun didn’t come out much today but thanks to “Yellow Whiz” by Milani it was still a beautiful, colorful day!


Pay It Forward

28 Apr

It’s a blessing to Pay It Forward whenever possible. Good deeds and acts of kindness make our world a better place!

I had the privilege to Pay It Forward at A Place Called Home for the Cinderella and Prince Charming Project. Of course I threw a little prom attire on my nails for a manicure fit for the fitting room since it was my volunteer area.



Nail Splatter Tutorial

26 Apr

It’s always nice to share your passion with others. After a few requests, I’ve outlined 5 basic steps of how to create nail splatter or graffiti nails.

Go ahead…tag your fingers and show me how it turned out!!!

Have Fun!

25 Apr

I’ve mastered the perfect, modest manicure. Now, I’m going to have a little fun!!!

Alter Ego

24 Apr

Alter Ego. They say everyone has one. Popular recording artist Beyonce named hers “Sasha Fierce”. It’s a metaphor for how she transforms when on stage.

So what do you call your “Alter Ego”?

Nail polish: ColorClub “alter ego”

Pleasing Purple!

24 Apr

This purple is pleasing to the eye!!! Milani cosmetics “Violet dash” with Essie

It’s Mani Monday!

23 Apr

What’s on your fingers? I got a little fancy and used some striping tape for the first time. are I’ll have to pick up some more because I like it.

Don’t Let the Price Fool You!

22 Apr

Expensive doesn’t always mean “better”. Quality speaks for itself. Wet n Wild has outdone themselves with the new Color Icon Collectio! This palette of 8 colors is perfect for a makeup beginner and someone more advance. I use this paired with MAC’s paint  primer in “Bamboon” color.  I’m beyond satisfied with the price and quality and just HAD to share.


Pop your “Blue Collar”

19 Apr

Orly has another hit on their hands with Blue Collar.

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Neon Double-take

18 Apr

Have you ever seen an attractive person and had to do a “double-take”?

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